Record Year for Bionorica in Germany

  • Above average expansion of market leadership
  • Success of Sinupret® eXtract above average during cold and flu season 
  • Dynamic sales also in Poland, Russia and China
  • More employees recruited in Germany once again

Prof. Michael Popp

With an increase in sales in Germany of 12.8 per cent(1) in the previous business year, Bionorica SE is very clearly expanding its market leadership in scientifically researched natural medicines. By way of comparison: Over the last year, the entire pharmaceuticals sector only distributed 0.8 per cent more packaged pharmaceuticals via pharmacies in Germany, and the manufacturers of OTC preparations had only a slight increase of 1.7 per cent(2).

The drivers of the increase were the Bionorica products Sinupret®, Bronchipret® and Imupret N®(3). Meanwhile, based on its continuous market growth, Canephron N®, for urinary tract infections, took the lead position(4) in the Phytoneering market. “We are delighted with this success in many respects. Above all, it is evidence that more and more doctors, pharmacists and patients are placing their trust in the capability of our herbal pharmaceuticals in combination with their scientifically proven efficacy and quality. This inspires us to invest even more worldwide in the research into the fascinating curative powers of nature”, says Prof. Michael Popp, Chairman of the Executive Board of Bionorica SE.

In the past business year 2015, the Bionorica Group achieved an interim net turnover of 244.3 million euros, an increase of 5.1 per cent compared to the previous year. Without the negative effects of the rouble on the exchange rate, the turnover would have been around 271 million euros, an increase of just under 11 per cent. Bionorica is well equipped for its further intended organic growth. The company has an equity ratio at its disposal of almost 80 per cent. As in previous years, more employees have been recruited in Germany (+ 6.4 per cent)(5).  

The company, with its headquarters in Neumarkt (Upper Palatinate), attributes its succes in Germany and other international pharmaceutical markets, increasing year on year, to its unique research and production philosophy. The complex programme under the name “Phytoneering” involves worldwide scientific research, conducted with a high financial outlay, the development of our own varieties of medicinal plants, patented production methods and accredited clinical studies of the efficacy and safety of the drugs. To date, we have been able to develop 12 phytopharmaceuticals for a variety of indications.

Dispensing with classic end-user promotion, Bionorica communicates the special qualitative role of its products in the market using innovative methods. Fundamental components in Germany: IHK-certified training in “Phyto PTA”, in which just under 1,700(6) pharmacy employees have been trained to date. The competence offensive, unusual in the competition, also incorporates pharmacists. Up to the end of 2015, just under 350 pharmacists have signed up for the certification course, which is to be continuously extended. In addition, Bionorica is extending its self-developed “Phytothek” initiative: an integrative concept with special installations in pharmacies and a training programme for pharmacy employees. Up to the end of 2015, 914 pharmacies(7) have positioned themselves in this way as “competence pharmacies for herbal therapy”. They want to call the attention of users to the fact that high-quality and natural pharmaceuticals with expert advice are only available in pharmacies. The international company also expanded its leading position in Russia in the past year, despite the recession and the decline of the rouble. In the meantime, the preparations of the manufacturer have achieved a market share of 8 per cent in the relevant market segments(8). Canephron and Sinupret, in the meantime, are the most prescribed medications in their main indications(9). Bionorica is maintaining its strategies of establishing a production facility in the Russian city of Voronezh in order to extend its capacity and to be able to attain customs and transport cost advantages. The German manufacturer also achieved additional turnover in Poland, with plus 13.1 per cent(10), and in China, with plus 30 per cent(11).

The Bavarian company is expanding in order to achieve still higher profit contributions for its cost intensive research activities. The Sinupret® eXtract innovation was launched in eight EU states in the previous year. The launch should take place in a further 16 countries inside and outside the EU by the end of 2018. Together with the introduction of preparations in India in the previous year, the market entries have been prepared by our own branch offices in Brazil and Mexico.

Bionorica is also exploring the further development potential of cannabis-derived agents such as Dronabinol. Dronabinol is utilised for symptomatic relief for severely ill patients. In this context, Bionorica welcomes the draft bill of the German Federal Ministry of Health for better support of chronically ill patients(12). This provides for the prescribed and reimbursable medical use of cannabis respectively its agents. Thanks to its research of Dronabinol, Bionorica is in a pioneering role in terms of generally stipulated pharmaceutical quality. The company is also a leader in cannabidiol (CBD), another constituent of the cannabis plant, which, with its mechanism of action, can help to relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and other clinical pictures. Patents have already been registered by Bionorica in the CBD segment with respect to new products and production methods.


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