Huge therapeutic potential of natural substances

Cancer research: “Bionorica Award” goes to molecular pharmacologist

Innsbruck, Austria, 03.09.2019 – The “Bionorica Award” was awarded to Prof. Dr. Nicole Teusch yesterday evening during the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) conference Innsbruck at Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens. Prof. Dr. Michael A. Popp, CEO of herbal remedy maker Bionorica SE, presented the science prize to the molecular pharmacologist from the Department of Biomedical Sciences, Osnabrück University. The Bionorica Award comes with prize money of EUR 10,000. “In her numerous research papers, Professor Teusch has identified natural substances that inhibit the mechanisms of tumour cells from developing resistance, and has made them responsive to chemotherapeutic agents again”, pointed out Professor Popp when presenting the Bionorica Award. Among other topics, one subject of Professor Teusch’s research is the alkaloid tylophorine, which can be extracted from tylophora indica (Apocynaceae or dogbane family of plants). “Tylophorine can have anti-inflammatory and antineoplastic effects”, explains Professor Popp, who himself has a doctorate in pharmacy. The research by Professor Teusch that was honoured with today’s award illustrates the huge therapeutic potential of natural substances in treating illnesses.

World-class location for life science research
Bionorica SE has established a global scientific network of over 500 leading institutes, hospitals and universities worldwide and invests about 15 percent of its turnover on average in R&D each year. “A large part of our company’s success can be attributed to our spirit of research”, says Professor Popp. This spirit of research is particularly evident in the Phytovalley® in Innsbruck. Bionorica founded a subsidiary here in 2005, which is devoted to studying and isolating herbal substances using cutting-edge analysis and process technologies – the basis for new, evidence-based phytotherapeutics. In addition to Bionorica research GmbH, the new Michael Popp Research Institute for new Phyto Entities is an important player in the Phytovalley® competence cluster in Tyrol. The world-class Austrian centre for life science research covers the entire value chain of herbal medicinal products – from fundamental research to applied research and product development. “We are currently intensifying our research programme, not only in Tyrol but worldwide, because we want to have new medicines in the fields of metabolic syndrome, liver health and urology ready for the market in the foreseeable future”, explains Professor Popp.

Press photo:
Prof. Popp awards the “Bionorica-Award” to Prof. Teusch at Swarovski Kristallwelten Wattens, Austria. © GA 2019 / Julius Thöni


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Patients want effective and tolerable medications and so herbal remedies are the preferred option. Bionorica, located in Neumarkt in Bavaria’s Oberpfalz region, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of scientifically researched herbal medicines. Doctors, pharmacists and patients in more than 40 countries trust in our effective products with few side effects. In 2018, the Bionorica Group achieved sales of EUR 337.9 million. The company’s equity ratio is more than 74 percent. Every day, over 1,700 employees at 20 Bionorica locations worldwide work on the continuation of this success story, which began in Nuremberg 86 years ago. Based on the “phytoneering” strategy, Bionorica decodes the extensive active ingredient potential of plants (phytos) using state-of-the-art research and technology (engineering). The result: highly effective and safe medicines with few side effects. Our research and development priorities involve the treatment of symptoms in the respiratory tract, urinary tract, women’s health and the immune system.