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Bionorica once again supports the health of elite German athletes

Taipeh/Neumarkt, 16 August 2017 – At the Olympic Games, or at the Summer Universiade taking place this month in the Taiwan capital Taipei, Germany's top athletes are trusting in Bionorica's effective herbal medicines. When the 130 university athletes fly to Asia for the event, their team doctors will have five different cold remedies from Bionorica in their luggage.
"These preparations have proven especially effective in sports medicine and are prescribed and used in my practice,'' says Dr Andreas Krank, Chief Physician for the German University Sports Federation (adh), who is responsible for looking after the health of the German team during the games in Taipei. For Dr Krank, who treats professional and recreational athletes at his practice in Freiburg, "chilly aircraft cabins or bus trips from competition facilities to air conditioned hotel rooms represent a health risk and can make athletes susceptible to colds."

No doping suspicions with natural medicines

The Bionorica herbal medicines in tablet or lozenge form ordered by the team physician – Bronchipret® TP, Bronchipret® Thyme, Imupret® N, Sinupret® eXtract and Tonsipret® – can also be safely taken by the German athletes without the risk of being suspected of doping. According to the NADAmed medication database, which athletes can consult for helpful information in case of illness, the effective ingredients in the herbal medicines are permitted for use during competitions.*

Second-largest sporting event worldwide

After the Olympic Games, the Universiade is the world’s second-largest international sporting event involving 13,000 athletes from more than 150 countries at the last count. It will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, from 19 to 30 August. The German Universiade team has around 180 members and represents 14 different sports like basketball, fencing, artistic gymnastics, judo, track and field athletics, rowing, swimming or taekwondo.


*  NADAmed Medication Database of the National Anti- Doping Agency (NADA) in Bonn – data retrieved on 8 August 2017


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