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In our position as a manufacturer of herbal medicines, we naturally care most about the health of the youngest members of society. This is why the Phytokids Foundation was set up in 2007. It has set itself the task of funding, caring for and supporting children and adolescents in social and medical institutions and children's homes all over the world. The Phytokids Foundation was renamed at the end of 2015 to become the Leon Heart Foundation.

In April 2018 the foundation was renamed to “Natureheart Foundation for Kids“. The new name highlights an additional aspect in the foundation‘s center: to foster the competence of understanding and respecting nature.

Sa Canova

Sa Canova

In 2013, Professor Popp acquired the experimental Finca Sa Canova, on the Balearic island of Mallorca. He thereby safeguarded the continued existence of a facility rich in tradition, where Mallorquin school children can learn about their endemic fauna and flora and thereby learn to approach nature with greater understanding and respect.

A new medicinal plant garden has now been created at the Finca Sa Canova that is integrated into the old stands of olive trees, grapevines, orange, lemon, mandarin and almond trees. Over 240 plant species that are endemic to the Balearic Islands can be marvelled at here. In addition, when wandering through this new show garden, visitors can experience and get to know over seventy different medicinal plants and herbs using all their senses. An immediate contribution towards the sustainable conservation of plant life on Mallorca was made through the acquisition of Sa Canova and this unique natural treasure has been turned into a place where nature can be experienced by school classes and the general public.