Our vision

Our guiding principles

Bionorica creates awareness of the importance and efficacy of plant-based drugs, making today‘s medicine a more herbal one every day. In order to achieve this, we decode the great potential of the active agents in plants, by applying cutting-edge research and innovative technologies to the manufacture of effective and safe plant-based medicines. This is what we call phytoneering.

Bionorica in Neumarkt

Phytoneering combines nature (phytos = plant) and science at all levels of the production process (engineering) that plays a huge role in the efficacy of the medicinal products, especially in the case of herbal medicines. In this way we are setting standards, both internally and externally. And on this basis, we strive to become the global leader in the growing field of phytomedicine that is based on scientific research.

Phytoneering – the formula for our success

We develop and produce new-generation, highly effective plant-based medicinal products. Our products combine insights from traditional herbal medicine with the results of state-of-the-art scientific research. In this process, we set standards globally with our cultivation, extraction and production procedures. With every day that goes by, we make modern medicine ever more plant-based for the benefit of human health.

Phytoneering is the foundation

Over the course of our more than 80-year history, we have created a high-quality portfolio. We are proud of our ‘roots’ that go back to the ideas and vision of our founder, Josef Popp. We feel indebted to this heritage.

Phytoneering is the future

Shaping the future means taking advantage of the opportunities that we are consistently creating. Phytoneering thereby represents our goals and effective ability to exploit them.

 Phytoneering is quality

Every day, we set ourselves the challenge of achieving the best results. In this process, we strive for quality in all the procedures and processing steps we use. From the seed right through to the ready-to-use medicinal product, we thus guarantee the highest phytoneering standards.

Phytoneering is research

A large part of our success is based on our research mentality. Research is the driving force behind permanent innovation on our pathway into the future.

Phytoneering is movement

High levels of flexibility are required in all areas in order to survive in a competitive world. By its very nature, phytoneering is made for this challenge. Phytoneering is a direction, a bridge leading into the future. With every day that passes, we progress, improve, become unequalled and thus more successful.

Phytoneering is transparency

Phytoneering requires constant scrutiny of our beliefs.Our unconditional dedication to quality requires the consequent realization of any potential for improvement. Always and everywhere. This requires great transparency, tolerance and mutual respect.

Phytoneering is success

Phytoneering represents the future and the opportunities provided by plant-based medicinal products. It is the new ‘gold standard’ in phytomedicine and thereby forms the basis for our global success.

Phytoneering is sustainability

Our actions are shaped by a deep respect for nature. For this reason, sustainability is a value that is central to our company culture. From the cultivation of our medicinal plants, through to the packaging of our medicinal products, each process complies with our high requirements for environmental compatibility and recyclability.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct was developed by a working group established for this purpose. It contains the framework conditions for handling customers, suppliers, doctors and pharmacists, but also our natural resources and how to go about cooperating within the company. These guidelines are binding for our employees and must be adhered to in all decisions they take and during cooperation with business partners. We expect adherence to these guidelines and sustainable further development of these high standards from our partners' suppliers.

Bionorica employees during a meeting

Bionorica takes an environmentally friendly and resource-saving approach during production of our herbal medicines. We exclusively select raw materials that can be harvested in harmony with nature. This respect for nature also applies to our approach to our fellow human beings. For example, we take for granted the fact that doctors and pharmacists should be kept informed of the newest scientific insights. We work together with our suppliers and business partners in long-term and fair collaborations. Our objective is to jointly achieve economic success. In addition, the management of our company has committed itself to re-investing a large part of our turnover in research.