At a glance

Bionorica is one of the leading global manufacturers of herbal medicines. Our vision is to make medicine ever more plant-based with each day that passes. We combine modern pharmaceutical research with the effects of plants. We have hereby been producing medicines that are effective and also well-tolerated for over 85 years.



Our curiosity never dies

We believe that research is the foundation for our success. We wish to constantly improve our products for our customers and to develop new products, which is why we invest a high proportion of our turnover in research and development.

This allows us to unlock ever more of the healing power of nature on a daily basis. We focus on the fields of respiratory tract diseases, gynaecology, urology and pain. However, we also produce herbal medicines to combat symptoms and diseases related to the liver, rheumatism and sleep.

The small company founded over 85 years ago is now a powerful corporate group. Our work now extends across the globe from our headquarters in Neumarkt in Bavaria, Germany. We rightly call ourselves a global player as we have sites and partners on almost all continents – and this in spite of only being a medium-sized company that is still owner-run.