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The unique powerful combination of herbal ingredients in Sinupret® acts rapidly and reliably against the symptoms and causes of rhinitis and inflammation of paranasal sinuses. Did you know that there are over 200 different types of cold viruses? No wonder there is almost always someone around you who has a runny nose. Colds are lurking almost everywhere and at all times of the year. On average, adults get a cold or a “runny nose” between two and five times a year, children even more often: four to eight times a year! This means that a 75-year-old person has spent two to three years of his or her life with a runny nose, assuming that the symptoms of the cold last for five to six days each time. Although harmless, a cold is unpleasant and can fairly rapidly develop into a painful inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (= sinusitis). In such cases, fast and focused help is required.

Sinupret® – loosens the mucus, clears and relieves
Sinupret® acts reliably against rhinitis as well as acute and chronic inflammations of the paranasal sinuses through its unique combination of the medicinal plants cowslip, gentian, common sorrel, elder and vervain. The thick mucus is rapidly dissolved, the swelling of the mucous membranes is reduced, you can breath freely again. Potential associated headache eases. However, Sinupret® does not only act against the unpleasant and painful symptoms of the infection, but also against the causes by combating the pathogens (viruses and bacteria).

Sinupret® – No. 1*
Its high efficacy and good tolerability make Sinupret® to the No.1 in Germany: the highest sales in Germany, equally appreciated by physicians, pharmacists and patients.

* Source: 2011 IMS OTC Report based on turnover

  • loosens mucus
  • opens the nose
  • clears the head
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