Scratchy throat? Feeling chilly? - Imupret® N


Viruses have an easy time if the immune system is stressed – people are more susceptible to cold diseases like infections of the respiratory system. Boost your body’s own defense-power early and thereby stabilize your immune system in order to limit the onsetting infection.

Imupret® N - heading for defense thanks to herbal power
Imupret® N inhibits the infection and strengthens the immune defense. The combination of the complementary action of seven plants marshmallow root, chamomile flowers, horsetail, walnut leaves, yarrow, oak bark and dandelion leaves boosts the stressed immune system, helps the body to defend itself against viral attacks and to combat infections more effectively. Imupret® N is suitable for the whole family.

Imupret® N
  • works at the first signs of a cold
  • strenghtens the immune system
  • alleviates the course of the cold
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