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Mastodynon Klimadynon / Klimadynon uno Assalix Silimarit Canephron Siunpret Bronchipret Rinupret Tonsipret Imupret Allergopret Allunapret Gingopret Noricaven Agnucaston

As the „Phytoneering Company“ we establish new paths and create new opportunities for the treatment of many diseases. Thereby we make medicine more and more natural every day.

Phytoneering means the combination of the huge potential of natural active substances with the knowledge and methodology of modern pharmaceutical research.

Based on this approach, we have developed a broad spectrum of highly effective, well-tolerated herbal medicines. These pages provide you with an overview of the various products manufactured by Bionorica.

To aid in navigation, these products are listed according to the following indication areas: respiratory tract, urinary tract, sleep and gynaecology.

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