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The Phytokids Foundation - to help sick and lonely children

logo_phytokids_stiftung.png'It is children and plants that most clearly show the power of nature. If we can make a contribution towards ensuring that children regain their love of life and hope through our commitment, then we are making an honest contribution towards a better world’, is how Professor Michael Popp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bionorica SE, explains what motivated him to establish the Phytokids Foundation. The aim of the foundation, created in 2007, is to help, care for and support children and adolescents in hospitals and children’s homes all over the world.

The Phytokids Foundation is particularly active in those areas where sick and lonely children are at their most needy. The first projects therefore support numerous children’s hospitals in Eastern Europe, where conditions are often disturbing and are anything but optimal for a rapid recovery, especially for these small patients.

The foundation supplies urgently required medical instruments and medicines and finances the installation of play and recovery areas or the renovation of entire children’s wards.

During this process, it is of particular importance to the committee members of the foundation to ensure that everyday hospital life for these small patients is made more colourful, happier and child-friendly. After all, stimulating surroundings will also make a substantial contribution towards a rapid recovery, in addition to attention, human warmth and good medical care. Therefore, the foundation developed the Phytoland play and therapy rooms that provide imaginative and child-friendly spaces for healthy intellectual, spiritual and physical development in hospitals that have little means to fulfil such aims.

However, the Phytokids Foundation also wishes to provide children in Germany with more stability and support. In February 2011, a Phytoland was opened on the premises of the Gelsenkirchen Child Protection Agency.

In 2010, the Phytoland concept was also expanded to include therapeutic exercise and music modules to promote coordination, spatial and physical awareness through targeted training and play. You will find further information at


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