Menstrual complaints? - Agnucaston®


Regularly approaching: the period before the period: You feel off-colour, are tired and nervous. You feel as though you have put on weight overnight, suffer from ravenousness appetite and migraine..

What we are talking about is the premenstrual syndrome – PMS. PMS affects about one third of all women. Effective but gentle treatment is required, especially as the complaints recur every month, are very diverse and can include physical and psychological symptoms.

Agnucaston® provides effective relief of the complaints of PMS with the aid of the healing powers of the chaste tree, also called monk’s pepper. The menstrual cycle is normalized and premenstrual complaints are reduced through the harmonization of the hormonal imbalance.

  • harmonizes the menstrual cycle
  • reduces PMS complaints
  • relieves menstrual complaints
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