Canephron® N – Herbal support for bladder infection*

Canephron® N

Canephron® N

Bladder infection (cystitis) is caused by bacteria rising through the urinary tract and inducing inflammation of the mucous membranes of the bladder. Women are most commonly affected, as their urinary tracts are much shorter than those of men.

Canephron® N

  • reduces burning and pain1,2
  • relaxes bladder cramps1,3
  • helps to flush out bacteria4

Action should be taken as soon as early symptoms are noted:

  • constant urinary urge,
  • pain and burning while urinating,
  • lower abdominal pain or
  • very small amounts of urine at each urination.

It is important to drink large amounts of fluid to flush the bacteria out of the bladder. Parallel to this, the healing process can be supported with Canephron® N. Canephron® N is a traditional herbal medication for supportive treatment of low-grade symptoms of urinary tract infections, such as simple bladder infections. 

Canephron® N is a three-herb combination of centaury, lovage and rosemary. This combination is suitable for supportive treatment of acute and recurrent bladder infections due to its broad spectrum of action. 

This unique three-herb combination has a well-balanced spectrum of action and is very well tolerated. The uncomfortable and painful symptoms of a bladder infection are relieved and the risk of another infection is reduced.

Active herbal substances in Canephron® N

 The effects of Canephron® N are based on the natural herbal efficacy of

  • rosemary leaves,
  • lovage root and
  • centaury.

Rosemary has been used in natural medicine since early times for stimulating bile and urinary flow and for reducing flatulence. The active ingredients in lovage root are valued due to their ability to stimulate urine flow and reduce cramping. Centaury has traditionally been used to treat diseases of the urinary tract due to its diuretic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effects. 

* Canephron® N is a traditional herbal medication for supportive treatment and for complementing specific treatment measures for low-grade symptoms from inflammatory conditions of the urinary tract. 
1 This refers to low-grade symptoms such as burning while urinating, pain and lower abdominal cramps that typically occur in the context of inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract.
2 Antiphlogistic effects of Canephron® N have been proven in in vitro studies and antiphlogistic and anti-nociceptive effects have been proven in vivo.
3 Spasmolytic effects of Canephron® N have been proven ex vivo on human bladder tissue.
4 Individual components of Canephron® N have an antibacterial effect and show a low-grade diuretic effect that supports the antibacterial effect by flushing bacteria out of the urinary tract.

Canephron® N – Declaration

Canephron® N coated tablets/drops

  • Indication: Traditionally used for the supportive treatment and for the supplementation of specific measures in case of mild complaints within the framework of inflammatory diseases of the efferent urinary tract; for irrigation of the urinary tract in order to prevent the deposition of renal sand.
  • Note: Canephron® N is a traditional herbal medicinal product that has been registered for the field of application due to long standing application solely.
  • Canephron® N drops contain 19 % alcohol by volume.
  • For details about risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet and consult your physician or pharmacist.

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Note: This declaration is only valid for Germany. Regulatory information may possibly differ in other countries.