Allunapret® – better sleep with a herbal duo



Sleep disorders and restlessness are an everyday occurrence for many people. Pressure at work, stress at home or unsettling events can disturb the normal routine and do not permit the body or mind to rest. However, restful sleep is the basis for health and well-being. Sound sleep at night prepares us to be alert, fit and productive during the day.

Allunapret® has a sedative effect on the central nervous system due to the natural pharmacological effect of valerian and hops. It combats the restlessness and nervousness that can prevent healthy sleep


  • fall asleep more easily
  • more restful sleep through the night
  • wake up more relaxed

Active herbal substances in Allunapret®

The natural healing powers of valerian and hops result in Allunapret®’s efficacy. The combination of valerian root and hop cones has a sedative effect on the messenger compounds in the central nervous system and thereby combat restlessness and sleep disorders caused by nervousness.

Allunapret® – Declaration

Allunapret® film-coated tablets

  • Active substances: Dry extract from valerian root, dry extract from hop cones.
  • Indication: For restlessness-related conditions and sleep disorders caused by nervousness.
  • For details about risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet and consult your physician or pharmacist.

Sold exclusively in pharmacies.

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status: 05|2015

Note: This declaration is only valid for Germany. Regulatory information may possibly differ in other countries.