Throat pain? Tonsipret®

Tonsipret® – powerful herbal treatment for sore throat and inflammation


Severe sore throats can make swallowing difficult. Sore throat is a typical symptom of colds and can severely limit quality of life. 

Tonsipret® contains a unique combination of three plants: medicinal paprika, pokeweed and pockwood. Capsaicin, a substance derived from medicinal paprika, treats sore throats in an effective and natural way.

The pockwood and pokeweed in the medication combat the cause of the symptoms, inflammation in the throat. This relieves painful redness and swelling of the throat. Tonsipret® only includes herbal active ingredients and is therefore very well tolerated.


  • reduces throat pain
  • combats inflammation of the throat
  • works naturally

Active herbal substances in Tonsipret®

Tonsipret® owes its efficacy to the natural healing capabilities of medicinal paprika, pockwood and pokeweed.

The medicinal paprika significantly relieves sore throats while pockwood and pokeweed fight inflammation in the mouth and throat.

Tonsipret® – Declaration

Tonsipret® tablets, drops

  • Homeopathic medicine used to treat inflammatory diseases of the throat. The application areas are based on homeopathic repertories and include: Acute inflammation of the throat and the tonsils (tonsillitis).
  • Tonsipret® drops contain 55 % alcohol by volume
  • For details about risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet and consult your physician or pharmacist.

Sold exclusively in pharmacies.

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status: 03/2016

Note: This declaration is only valid for Germany. Regulatory information may possibly differ in other countries.