Blocked nose? Headache? Sinupret®

Sinupret® – loosens the mucus, opens nose and relieves pain

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Did you know that there are over 200 different types of cold viruses? No wonder there is almost always someone around you who has a runny nose. Although harmless, a cold is unpleasant and can fairly rapidly develop into a painful inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (= sinusitis).  In such cases, fast and focused help is required.

Sinupret® acts reliably against acute and chronic inflammations of the paranasal sinuses through its combination of the five medicinal plants cowslip, gentian, common sorrel, elder and vervain. 

  • Thick mucus is rapidly loosened.
  • Swelling of the paranasal sinuses is reduced.
  • You can breathe freely again. 
  • The tension headache is relieved.

Moreover, Sinupret® not only acts against the unpleasant and painful symptoms of the infection, but also against the causes by combating the pathogens (viruses and bacteria).

Sinupret® extract 

Sinupret®  extract

Sinupret® extract contains a combination of 5 plants with four times the concentration*. This is made possible by a new, patented extraction technique. Due to this technique, Sinupret® eXtract contains significant more bioflavonoids. Sinupret® loosens thick mucus, opens the nose, and helps to drain the mucus. As a result of its anti-viral and antibacterial effect, Sinupret®  eXtract combats not only the  symptoms but also the cause. Sinupret® eXtract is highly efficient and compatible.


  • loosens mucus
  • opens the nose
  • relieves pain

Active herbal substances in Sinupret®

Sinupret®’s broad field of pharmacological actions originates from its combination of five medicinal plants.

  • Cowslip (Primula veris/elatior): The active substances of cowslip’s flowers and calyx are mucolytic, anti-inflammatory and combat the disease-causing pathogens, namely, viruses and bacteria.
  • Yellow gentian (Gentiana lutea): The plant part used for medicinal purposes is the root, which contains substances with an anti-inflammatory action.
  • Black elder (Sambucus nigra): The flowers of the black elder have a mucolytic action.
  • Common sorrel (Rumex species): Its active substances from the leaves and stems also have a mucolytic action and an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, they support the body’s own defences and exhibit an antibacterial action.
  • Vervain (Verbena officinalis): The active substances from the leaves and stems also have a mucolytic action, are anti-inflammatory and combat viruses. 

*A four-fold concentration is not equivalent to a four-fold increase in efficacy. The four-fold concentration refers to the Ø 720 mg herbal mixture used in Sinupret® extract (corresponds to 160 mg dry extract) compared to the 156 mg herbal mixture used in Sinupret® forte, or to the bioflavonoids that co-determine the mucolytic action and anti-inflammatory effect.

** Highest active ingredient content compared to other Sinupret® products

Sinupret® – Declaration

  • Sinupret® forte, Sinupret®, Sinupret® drops: For acute and chronic inflammations of the paranasal sinuses.
  • Sinupret® syrup: To improve the symptoms of acute inflammations of the paranasal sinuses
  • Sinupret® extract: For acute, uncomplicated inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (acute, uncomplicated nasal sinusitis)
  • Sinupret® forte, Sinupret®, Sinupret® syrup, Sinupret® drops: As with all medications, only use during pregnancy and while breast-feeding when strictly indicated.
  • Sinupret® syrup contains 8 % alcohol by volume. Sinupret® drops contain 19 % alcohol by volume
  • For details about risks and side effects, please read the patient information leaflet and consult your physician or pharmacist.

Sold exclusively in pharmacies.

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status: 08/2016

Note: This declaration is only valid for Germany. Regulatory information may possibly differ in other countries.