Nature and modern science: Phytoneering

We develop and produce evidence based phytotherapeutic drugs, i.e. herbal medicines that are based on scientific studies and modern research. Unlike in synthetic chemical medicines, the active substances in herbal medicines are not composed of just one single isolated substance. They are rather complex compound mixtures of natural substances.

Herbal material during manufacturing process

We make extremely high demands on our herbal raw materials as the quality and efficacy of a herbal preparation is essentially dependent on its ingredients. We safeguard the consistent quality of the plants through controlled and standardised cultivation. Important elements in this are ecologically sustainable cultivation, a high proportion of biological matter and short transport routes. All steps in the manufacturing process are accompanied by analysis. This is a complex system that makes our medicinal plants unique.

The products combine the insights of traditional medicinal plant therapies with the pioneering results of scientific research. We call this combination of nature (phytos = plant) and science (engineering) Phytoneering. We apply this principle to all steps in the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process plays an important role in the efficacy of the medicines in the case of herbal medicines, in particular. We set global standards through our cultivation, extraction and production procedures.

Determining efficacy

Bionorica laboratory

The mechanism of action and tolerability of Bionorica products is investigated in pharmacological and clinical trials. This also takes up-to-date molecular biological insights into consideration. Furthermore, new results from preclinical and clinical trials carried out by leading scientists in the phytopharmacological field are immediately utilised to improve the special extracts and preparations. This allows us to comply with the conditions for international marketing authorisation for the preparations.

Our network

We collaborate with over 500 leading institutes, hospitals and universities worldwide. Along with our subsidiary Bionorica research GmbH we collaborate with the Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI) in Austria and many other renowned institutes and universities. Here is a selection:

Bionorica collaborations with scientific organizations