Company management

CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board: Professor Dr Michael A. Popp

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors: Professor Dr. Michael A. Popp

In 1988, the then 28-year-old pharmacist, Michael A. Popp, took over the management of the company founded by his grandfather Josef Popp and systematically followed the family company's chosen course. He positioned the company as one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicines worldwide and coined the term Phytoneering. This term expresses the link between the medicinal efficacy of plants and the potential of modern pharmaceutical research. In this process, intensive research as well as the determination of efficacy, quality and safety of the medicines are the core values of the company. Today, global expansion is being driven forward under his leadership - with turnover multiplying. Bionorica has become a global player.

Head of Global Business and Member of the Executive Board: Dr Uwe Baumann

Director of Marketing and Sales global: Dr. Uwe Baumann

Uwe Baumann has a PhD in microbiology and biochemistry and held leading positions in international pharmaceutical companies before he joined Bionorica in 2004 as the Global Head of Marketing & Sales.

Since 2005, he has led the Directorship for Global Business. Under his leadership the international structures for global market success are being put in place.

Global Head of Finance and IT and Member of the Executive Board: Dr Michael A. Rödel

Director of Finance and IT: Dr. Michael A. Rödel

Since 2007 Dr Michael A. Rödel fills the position Global Head of Finance at Bionorica SE. Dr Michael A. Rödel has a PhD in economics and has held long-term leading positions in medium-sized companies oriented towards both national and international markets.

The finance department at Bionorica SE is being aligned with international standards under his leadership and the structures for strong global growth are thus being put in place.