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We, Bionorica SE, are one of the leading manufacturers of herbal medicines worldwide. We combine the actions of botanical compounds with modern pharmaceutical research to produce effective and well-tolerated medicines of the highest quality.

We invest a high percentage of our turnover into research and development of herbal medicines. Our emphasis is on the areas of respiratory disease, gynaecology, urology and pain.

In addition to this, Bionorica produces a broad range of herbal medicines that are an effective aid in the treatment of complaints and diseases in the areas of liver, rheumatism and sleep.

Our Mission

Harnessing nature's capacity to help people heal and stay healthy, using our unique phytoneering approach. Through 'phytoneering', Bionorica has created a new field of pharmaceuticals for the future: Phytoneering combines the huge potential of natural active substances (phytos) with the knowledge and methodology of modern pharmaceutical research (engineering) in order to develop efficant and safe preparations.

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